Economic Development Advisory Commission

The Town of Wickenburg is pro-business and every effort is committed to create a diversified, strong and sustainable economy that encourages and nurtures the business environment. We are dedicated to assisting your company in meeting its needs in making Wickenburg your home.

Jobs & Economy
Your existing, expanding or relocating business is a valuable asset to our community.  Business like yours, provide jobs, services and a tax base that preserves and enhances our quality of life. We are available to discuss ways in which your company and the Town can partner to make your business a success.

EDAC also sponsors membership with Greater Phoenix Economic Council (GPEC) and Arizona Association for Economic Development (AAED).
Commission Members
  • Cindy Logan, Chairman
  • BG Bratcher
  • Milla Cetic
  • Kristi Henson
  • Dave Keen
  • William Kester
  • Jim Tavary
  • Councilmember Royce Kardinal
  • Josh Wright, Town Manager (Manager's Office)
EDAC Meetings
Meetings are the second Thursday of each month at 8:00 a.m. at the Public Services Center located at 553 West Wickenburg Way. Guests are always welcome.